Berry Closeup  

A macro shot of some shriveled berries on the vines from yesterday’s outfit photos. I am quite fond of the grape colored berries against the cold cement and contrasted with the orange of the leaves. What is is like to be a plant and remain nearly lifeless for months then suddenly flourish again? Photography has made me more aware of two things – light and seasons – of which I am grateful for learning to live at this slower pace. These vines have officially captivated me and I find myself wondering what their other seasons will bring.

  1. I didn’t realize they were grapes until I read your caption. I thought they might be blueberries. You are correct in the way the color pops against the grey of the cement.

  2. Oh they totally could be blueberries too. I am not sure? I have only seen them in winter. Maybe I will try eating one in the summer and let you know.

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