The Happiness Project  

I am currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which is a appropriate considering my predisposition to depression. Thus far this book is fantastic – I love the idea of a happiness project to make you appreciate everything around you more. And will be applying these concepts to my everyday routine, in an effort to combat my angst before it catches me completely off-guard and results in a mental breakdown. Being somewhat destructive and klutzy I remove my book jackets while reading so my books will remain in pristine condition on the shelf (I’m a bit OCD like that sometimes). The cover art is quite beautiful but this blue – oh this brilliant blue – how happy it makes me to pick this up and I see a solid cerulean block that makes me smile. So I found an old bookmark in a shade that complimented the hue and I absolutely had to take a photograph with it perched on top instead of hidden away marking my page. I have only read through the first chapter but I can tell this book is going to be life changing and I recommend it to anyone who struggles to find happiness even in the best of times with medication.

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