Black & Blue With a Touch of Sparkle  

Have you ever been to Kohl’s? I am not sure if they are common everywhere or not? Anyway, I occasionally venture down to shop with my mom and I must say I was skeptical at first but this store has some amazing finds. If you take the time to scour the sale racks you can find unique pieces for thrift store prices – for instance this top was only $4. I love finding inexpensive pieces that suit my style but completely challenge my comfort zone.

I needed to feel confident so I put on an atypical outfit for me. I think it was effective because look at how confident I look even though my skirt is caught on my shirt. Maybe I am still riding on the confidence this outfit brought me but I kind of like how it looks with a triangle of tulle accent.

Blue Park Bench

When I put on this outfit I knew this blue park bench would be the perfect setting for my photos. It really brings out the sparkle in the blue sequins no?

Sort of Shirt Detail

Really more of a detail shot of my face than the shirt. But you get the idea right?

Sequin Sparkle Shoes

These shoes have graced my closet for several years now and have become a wardrobe staple because they are super comfy and match just about anything.

Standing in a Sea of Sparkle

The obligatory vertical photo for fashion site submission with my skirt being worn properly.

Outfit Details
Next Era Navy Sequin Striped Top
Kimchi Blue Black Tulle Full Tulle Skirt
UO Navy Opaque Tights
Rampage Sequined Ballet Flats

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