Officially Introducing Lucille 2  

More commonly known as Lucy but occasionally Lucini, Mewacin or Luce. Who has become an irreplaceable member of our little family continually letting us know her opinion with her sweet little meow. We saved her from a small town farm with about 30 other cats around 4 years ago when she was just a tiny kitten. She was suffering from a terrible case of pink eye so we rushed her to the vet where she was spared a life of blindness and cat overcrowding. I think she is eternally grateful to us for taking her away from that place and the only side effect seems to be a bit of a crossed-eye.

From what we know she is a mix of a Siamese and a Tabby cat so we refer to her as a Siam-Tabs. All throughout her coat are beautiful stripes and markings that are difficult to capture on film due to her apparent dislike of having her photo taken. She will literally start posing in cute positions then snap into the least photogenic position possible the second I put the camera up to my eye.

Her favorite activities include bird watching, chasing mylar balls around the house and napping.

  1. Oh my, her cross-eyed-ness is adorable! What a beautiful girl :) Doesn’t it feel great to rescue an animal?

  2. The best feeling in the world! I am amazed at how much she loves us and depends on us.

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