My Plaid Valentine  

Some time after high school when my aversion to plaid had subsided I went on a quest in search of the perfect plaid skirt. The hunter green and navy, pleated, heavily starched monstrosity from my uniform had made me weary of anything plaid for years. But somehow I knew a stylish plaid skirt had to exist out there somewhere. Sure enough, several years ago while pursuing the Gap outlet I stumbled upon this beauty and knew it must be added to my wardrobe. It is made of a stretchy fabric so it fits not matter what size I happen to be at the moment and is quite fun to match with different pieces.

In fact I think the majority of this outfit has a story behind it – I tend to get quite sentimental about my clothes. Ask Andrew what a chore it is to get me to clean out my closet and *gasp* give things up. The red jacket is from Zara in Greece, from a rainy day running around exploring Athens and hitting up the shops along the way. I love the 80s flair it adds to any outfit and feel sort of Back to the Future while wearing it. However, it’s best feature is that it has ‘Player 04′ silk-screened quite large on the inside. These shoes are from the days of ACE Convention in high school – all I can say is good times. So this is my Valentine’s outfit, not because it is what I will wear when I go out with the one I love but because it reminds me of my life and how much I love truly love living despite being able to convince myself of otherwise at times.

Mountain Overlook

I ventured out to find a new spot for my photos today and I think this new setting has quite a nice view of our beautiful snow-covered mountains. I also got a haircut earlier in the day so my hair looks especially nice in these photos thanks to my wonderful hairdresser, Grace from Kami Hair.

Details, Details, Details

You can’t really tell in the further away photos but this blouse has some nice detailing on it as does the jacket with the piping on the sleeves. And the bit of lace lining top and bottom of the skirt is a simple embellishment that make me smile.

Muddy Shoes

I decided on these zig-zag tights to add some more texture to the outfit although it was windy day and I kept feeling a zig-zag shaped breeze on my legs. The ground was wet from melting snow so my shoes got quite muddy walking around this area. I adore the little cutouts lining the top of these shoes and one of the reasons I have hung onto them for so long is because they are from Nordstrom who has an infinite repair policy. This pair has been repaired and polished more times than I can remember and are grateful for this convenience.

Plaid With Some 80s Flair

A photograph with a better view of the whole outfit and a pretty mountain in the background.

Outfit Details
Zara TRF Greece ‘Player 04′ Red Jacket
Hawks by Geren Ford Sheer Black Swiss Dot Tie Blouse
GAP Red-Grey-White Plaid Skirt
Apt. 9 Zig-Zag Black Opaque Tights
Steve Madden Mary Jane Wedges

  1. Lovely! I’ve been meaning to ask, what type of camera do you use, and do you usually have someone take your pictures for you? I love the quality of these shots:)

  2. Thanks! I shoot with a Nikon D60 which I absolutely love and I usually just use a remote. Mostly because I would be even more awkward with someone watching me.

  3. just happened upon your blog. love the photos. these mountains are beautiful!

  4. Thanks so much Hilary! I love living in such a beautiful place. Thought I would share a bit of it with the world though photos.

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