Violet Kirigami  

My in-laws generously gifted Andrew and I money to our favorite stores for Valentine’s – Best Buy & Urban Outfitters respectively – along with combined bucks for See’s chocolates. So we decided to make a day of it and ventured out shopping (side note: Sundays in SLC are divine because everyone is in church and nothing is crowded).

We started with UO where I found this fabulous dress I had been coveting since the holidays (which just so happened to be on sale), stretchy metal knot belt and a cloche that I will have to photograph when the weather is more suited for it. Andrew ended up sitting on the couches and listening to the new Röyksopp, while I looked for clothes periodically coming over for his opinion. Next, we stopped to get Bioshock 2 which is so far a pretty sweet game and one that Andrew has had his eye on for quite some time. Chocolates were the finale to our adventure and we chose a pound of only our faves – apricot, raspberry, strawberry, coconut creme and bordeaux.

These outfit shots are particularly special because Andrew came out with me today. Hence the number of photos below, it is much easier to get good photos when you aren’t the model and the photographer at the same time. We had a lot of fun together and discovered a whole new section of My Secret Park. Maybe he will come out with me more often?

Outside it was nearly 45° F and sunny with a few small clouds drifting though the sky. It was beautiful and blue and I desperately needed some extra Vitamin D.

Violet Kirigami Outfit Detail

The kirigami-like cutouts on the top of this dress they are such a simple yet clever embellishment that adds a bit of interest to this otherwise plain dress. As of late my collection of purple dresses has expanded and only fueled my affinity for this color.

Detail of Metal Knot Belt

I had been wanting a stretch belt for awhile and hadn’t bought one because they either didn’t fit quite right or were ridiculously overpriced. So I am glad to have held out until I found this one which I think is unquestionably classic.

Me & Graffiti

The graffiti in the background totally compliments my outfit.

My Most Favorite Purple Purse Ever

This is hands down my favorite purple purse ever. The color, structure, buttons, compartments – complete perfection except for one flaw – it can’t fit my big camera.

Matching Purple Flats

I am not typically into shoe and bag matching but these ones were too ideal not to wear with this dress and purse.

Blurred Horiz

Blurred Vert

Purposefully blurred for dramatic and artistic effect.

Walking into the Woods

And off I go walking into the distance to further explore the faux forest at my park.

Outfit Details
UO Copper Double Headband
Silence & Noise Violet Knot Neck Dress
Deena & Ozzy Teal Metal Knot Belt
Cog & Pearl Carved Rose Ring
UO Grey Medallion Jacquard Tights
Kimchi Blue Plum Cargo Bag
Steve Madden Purple Flats

  1. hey shauna, thanks so much for your comment on my post the other day :) i’m really glad to know so many people are reading & thinking about these things too. loving the layout of your blog here too, so unusual! xx m

  2. Thanks Meg. I am glad you wrote that post, it was quite well put. And thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment.

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