Turning Up Roses  

Photographic proof that I do in fact occasionally wear pants, particularly on grey rainy days such as this one. Even though the colors are fairly neutral the roses add a touch of Spring to this outfit.

Full Outfit Photo

This is my go-to casual outfit for when I just can’t be bothered with tights. I found this tank on sale at UO last summer and it was a must have due to the rose applique.

Walking Along the Wall

I feel a bit drowned in this cardigan – I think it is supposed to fit sort of oversized but I was really struggling with getting it to fit right with this outfit. Maybe mixing it with the bubble hem of the tank makes it feel and look so large?

Balancing Shoe Detail

My faithful filigree cutout skimmers that have not yet fallen apart despite many miles of travel.

Crouched to the Ground

I found this bracelet randomly years ago and am quite fond of how it appears to be vintage although I am pretty sure it is new. I need to get a closer detail shot of it one day so you can see all of it’s intricacies.

Turns out Urban Outfitters has an affiliate program for people like me who have websites that feature their clothing. So to help afford my shopping addiction and maybe make a few extra pennies on the side, I am now including affiliate links to their shop with my outfit posts. I also setup links to a few of my other favorite shops as well including ModCloth, Gilt and We Love Colors, all of which you can always find on my links page. I hope this is helpful if you want to try and find pieces from my outfits you fancy and when available I will try to link to the specific item.

Thanks to my husband Andrew for taking my photos yet again.

Outfit Details
Kimchi Blue Rose Applique Bubble Tank via Urban Outfitters
Coincidence & Chance Cream Cardigan via Urban Outfitters
Thrifted Ornate Pearl Bracelet
Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans
Fairy Tales Are True Leather Filigree Skimmers via Urban Outfitters

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