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Sorry for my lack of posting last week, I was in crazy meetings all week and didn’t have a moment to spare. Regular posting will now resume and I will plan ahead for such hectic weeks in the future.

I decided to take some photos of my workspace for the Apartment Therapy Perfect Workspace Contest and thought I would share them with you as well. Being a freelancer I work from home most days and it is important for me to have an organized and visually appealing place to buckle down. This desk was a birthday gift from my in-laws and I absolutely love all of the organizational compartments and big workspace.

Since Andrew’s side tends to be a bit messier than mine I only photographed my half of the office. I love sitting next to such a large window while I work and will be sad when we move and I have to give it up. The printer is a recent addition to my side and Lucy seems to think it is a perch – better than my laptop I suppose.

Computer & Desk Detail


I like to surround myself with colorful things that sparks my creativity and inspire color palettes as evidenced by my book collection. Also, is my obsession with pens and Charley Harper obvious?

Computer Setup Detail

Workspace Detail

Introducing my favorite desk companions, Griffin the iDog and Sabine the faux-iCat named for the book series by Nick Bantock.

  1. I’m dripping with envy! Your workspace is indeed perfect. :) Love it!


  2. I love your workspace! Its so neat and tidy compared to mine. Great job!

  3. Your office is gorgeous and so well organized! But you know what my favorite part is? Your gorgeous kitty! Is that a Siamese? She looks so very much like my little Siamese muffin.

    • Why thank you! She’s my favorite part too. We think she is a Siamese Tabby mix of some sort. We saved her from a farm with about 50 other cats so it’s hard to say.

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