On Saturday, I went for a bit of an adventure up north to retrieve the PS3 that we traded in both our Wii and Xbox to obtain. The PS3 is far superior for game selection, video quality and especially for Netflix instant, which we now have on both televisions. Alas, the particular store where we traded it in doesn’t do product transfers so I made a little road trip out of it, stopping at this random lake to capture some photos along the way.

Lakeside Full Outfit

Crouching Lakeside

Zig-Zag Tights Detail

Dress Cutout Detail

Lakeside Silhouette

Vintage Bird Necklace Detail

Outfit Details
Silence & Noise Violet Knot Neck Dress via Urban Outfitters
Vintage Bird Necklace
Apt. 9 Zig-Zag Black Opaque Tights
Steve Madden Purple Flats

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