Bordeaux Bells  

Naturally, these purple bell flowers are my favorite so far gracing my in-laws yard this season, their garden is always a wondrous sight once the weather warms with different varieties of flowers (and birds!) popping up every year. Spring is especially effective in helping me combat my predisposition to depression because it feels like such an incredible reward for surviving the long grueling winter. All of the sudden there is real sunshine and life is bursting everywhere from you look. So I go outside and I can’t help but smile when I take it all in – and how can you be depressed when you are smiling and feeling so full of life?

Today, it is grey pouring rain outside and I keep putting this photo up on my extra screen to remind me that the bright colors and sunshine will return tomorrow – according to the highly unreliable weather forecast.

  1. This is just gorgeous! I love it!

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