To The Moon  

For some time now, Andrew and I have talked of heading down to Moab for a day trip – and this weekend made it a reality. We woke up early made it down there in record time, snapped some photos, explored for a few hours then made it home in time to feed the cat. It always amazes me that such a vastly different landscape exists mere hours away. I haven’t been here since childhood so it was quite interesting to experience as an adult with vague memories of family vacations past rolling around in my head. The red sand is quite otherworldly and I can’t help but feel it is evocative of moon sand.

Moab ala Skyline Arch

Who says polyester and tights isn’t appropriate desert wear? I was perfect the entire time well except when it came to climbing rocks – but I think I would have failed at that anyway no matter my attire.

Many Photos Were Taken

Many gigs of photos were taken and I will be posting shots from our voyage all week long.

Skipping Through the Sand

Skipping through the sand is slightly similar to skiing so we took some time to skip down a hill of sand after deciding our car would definitely not make up up those rocks where the tire tracks end.

Antiqued Silver Necklace Very Journey Apropos

Along the way there are several mining towns so I thought it suitable to wear my favorite antiqued silver western style necklace.

Desert Rock Formations

Sitting Treeside on the Rocks

Boots Maiden Western Adventure

I of course had to wear my western boots on this western adventure to break them in while in an apropos region. Boots are actually quite effective for navigating Moab sand and I understand the association more clearly now.

Climbing Rocks in Tights

Hiking Up

Our little jaunt was such fun and we both agree it was a much needed holiday from city life to get out and see so much open space. And the best part was being home and sleeping in my own bed after such a long road trip.

All of the photos above are taken by either me or my extraordinary husband, Andrew.

Outfit Details
Pins and Needles Printed Babydoll Frock via Urban Outfitters
Smith Tortoise Shoreline Sunglasses
UO Multi-Strand Locket Necklace
Vintage Feline Ring (worn as wedding ring while mine is in the shop)
UO Turquoise Opaque Tights via Urban Outfitters
Restricted Silverado Whiskey Suede Wild West Boots c/o LuLu’s

  1. Ah, looks like the desert areas here in Las Vegas!

  2. Ah, looks like the desert areas here in Las Vegas!

  3. Wow love the whole western background sooo beautiful and love the contrast of your turquoise tights :)

    Much love,
    Glendy <3

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