Silver Bluebells  

Don’t tell Andrew that I’m wearing heels with this outfit – I am supposed to be nursing an ingrown toenail back to health and apparently heels are bad. All throughout childhood, I suffered through surgeries until they finally put acid on the sides of my big toes so the nail doesn’t grow back on the edges except on this one side of this one toe. And of course it would have to flare up at exactly the time I don’t have insurance, so my life right now involves a lot of soaking in Epsom salts, coating in antibiotic ointment, cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and self surgery. Possibly too much information but my toe throbs and I can’t get it out of my mind.

Entire Ensemble Surrounded by Manicured Green

I still can’t get enough of this dress – it is comfortable, has pockets and goes with just about anything. Perfection.

Xen Layers Ring

This ring was a gift from Andrew – doesn’t he have impeccable taste in jewelry? What a lucky girl I am!

Spanish Scroll Tights

Loving the twist on plain black sheer tights the Spanish scrolls on the back of this pair add.

Hematite Heart Locket

Close to My Heart

The locket allows me to keep the ones I love close to my heart and I feel a little bit safer taking on the world with them around my neck.

Sitting on a Stump

In other news, there is a little interview with me over at Bachman’s Sparrow today – Maria’s blog is full of economical fashion advice and is a read I recommend checking out for yourself, as she is a super sweet girl.

Outfit Details
Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan Cadet Cotton Silk Countdown Dress via Urban Outfitters
Xen Layers Ring (gift from Andrew)
UO Hematite Heart Locket via Urban Outfitters
Cynthia Rowley Spanish Scroll Tights via Gilt
Seychelles Outta The Frying Pan PumpsĀ 

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