Dream On  

Yesterday, my friend Lauren called me up and offered to take me with her to go photograph a land lot she is listing out in Utah County. She said it was beautiful so I jumped at the chance to head out there and get some photoing in before the weather turned today.

Crouched on a Rock

It was quite warm so I decided to throw on my latest $8-sale-rack find which happens to be the other Liberty of London dress I had been coveting. Although, I realized as I was posting these photos I styled this dress exactly the same as my other one – the blue of these tights, shoes and necklace just match the so impeccably.

Curtsy Skirt

I am very keen on the 70s sketchbook print on this dress mixed with the sheerness and pleats.

Sunshine Smiling

Skirt Close Up

Obligatory Full Outfit Shot

Overlooking Utah Lake

On our little drive, Lauren and I started discussing how we both absolutely love working for ourselves and setting our own schedules. We decided it is more motivating than any typical 9 to 5 job could ever be – having worked at a few places together we are both well aware of office politics. I feel like I am living a dream to be able to wake up and have my day completely wide open with possibility and be able to to work that I truly enjoy from the comfort of my own home – so I am flowing along with life hoping that this dream continues on.

Outfit Details
Zara TRF Greece ‘Player 04′ Red Jacket
Liberty of London for Target Jumper Print Pleated Dress
UO Turquoise Necklace via Urban Outfitters
Cog & Pearl Carved Rose Ring
UO Navy Opaque Tights via Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Teal T-Strap Skimmers via Urban Outfitters

  1. Amy E

    Wow, it’s sooooo green there… it’s so white and brown here. Snow every day this week. Fun outfits. I especially like the 2nd and 4th pictures. I, too, hope you can keep working from home; it is awesome… though sometimes lonely. But with obbies, maybe you can stay socially engaged. By best advice from the times when i worked as an Independent Contractor… absolutely have an accountant, and always put aside 50-65% of your earnings for taxes. I couldn’t do that – neither could Meeshers, so we had to go back to working for companies. Anyway, fun outfits, happy to see you living real life instead of desk life!

  2. How fun! I like the dress and that view is incredible!

  3. How fun! I like the dress and that view is incredible!

  4. Hehe, if anyone wants to buy this lot and have this view all the time, give me a call. ;)

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