I have been feeling rather adventurous lately, which led me on a mini hike at the base of our local mountains. Everything is unusually green around here this year due to the extra snow and rain we have recently received. The sunlight bouncing off of the leaves created this surreal canopy of light in the trees. While I am not too much of a world traveler but do enjoy wandering and exploring my local surroundings.

Chiffon Bows & Lace Blouses

Since I’m took a few extra minutes on my makeup for this post, am participating the CoverGirl Blast BzzCampaign and this week’s Friend Friday questions are related to beauty products I thought I would share a bit about my beauty routine.

What are the three products you couldn’t live without?
Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Facewash
Origins All and Nothing Sheer Pressed Powder
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Which products do you never leave home without?
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
Lip Gloss (my current fav is the CoverGirl Smolder ShineBlast that came in my BzzKit)
And occasionally an extra… Origins All and Nothing Sheer Pressed Powder …just in case

When purchasing what is your one big beauty weakness?
Nail polish – there are so many new colors showing up all the time and I love painting my nails. It takes serious willpower for me to leave Target without a new bottle.

Do you have a secret remedy, concoction, family tradition that you use?
Salt is my family’s cure all remedy and living in Salt Lake City that seems only natural. But seriously blemish, minor cut, curling iron burn – at least one type of salt will significantly speed up healing.

When it comes to your face, what area do you usually try to accentuate?
I try to do a decent job with my eyeshadow but since my eyes are so small and squinty I think my efforts are mostly futile and in vein. Eyeshadow is the most fun of all makeup in my opinion, so if nothing else at least I am having a good time.

Macro Shirt Lace

Rings & Polish

Macro Skirt Lace

Tights & Shoes

On the Rocks

People look at you very funny when you start up a hiking trail in completely inappropriate clothes such as these, but I don’t happen to find typical hiking clothes to be very fashionable so this lack of understanding goes both ways. Plus, it is fun to jump in front of the camera every once in a while so I don’t end up with millions of bird photos.

Outfit Details
UO Floral Chiffon Bow via Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Cutout Blouse via Urban Outfitters
Cog & Pearl Carved Rose Ring
Rodarte for Target Mustard Tulle Crepe Lace Skirt
UO Grey Medallion Jacquard Tights via Urban Outfitters
Xhilaration Black Bow Flats

  1. Salt? Reallt? Now I’m interested in all the remedies it can offer.

  2. Yep. Salt is amazing. I used to put it on my zits as a teenager and they would go away so much faster. It hurts like a motherfucker though. Swimming the the ocean also helps heal things.

  3. You and I share our love of nailpolish. I have an entrie drawer in one of my toiletry drawers decided to nail polish and all things nails. I probably have every red, pink, purple and orange that O.P.I. has ever made. It’s a sickness…. hahaa

  4. Oooh, that top photo is amazing! Love!

  5. Me again…nice to meet another polish freak! I think I buy a new bottle like every two weeks.

  6. LOVE the photo of your nailpolish and yellow ring. I love purple nailpolish (painted my toes this morning), and it looks so great with yellow.

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