Fly Me Away  

So many outfit photos these days – I guess I have just been feeling like hanging out in front of the camera rather than behind it lately. Andrew and I have been spending a lot of time up at the U lately for his screen printing class and I decided it would be a fun place to snap some outfit photos considering these used to be my old haunts.

Diagonal Cement Stripe

True to the artist stereotype I have been wearing all black outfits when I go to the print shop, mostly to avoid soiling my clothes with ink but also to give the perception of a dark tortured soul. If I am lucky and we happen to have some extra time Andrew lets me burn my own screen and make some prints of my own so I figure I better come dressed prepared just in case.

Birds Detail

Gated Silhouette

Filigree Bird Necklace on Rock

Art Building

Hummingbird Hat Detail

This outfit has a trinity of birds going on – the dress print, my filigree bird necklace and the mini hummingbird pin on my hat. It has become somewhat of a life goal to obtain as many bird (and cat) related articles of clothing as possible – so far my efforts have only been met with success.

Outfit Details
Kimchi Blue Black Crow Chiffon Twilight Dress via Urban Outfitters
BDG Chambray Hummingbird Fedora via Urban Outfitters
Loyalty & Blood Filigree Bird Necklace
Kimchi Blue Black Tulle Full Tulle Skirt via Urban Outfitters
UO Black Opaque Tights via Urban Outfitters
Fairy Tales Do Come True Black Leather Filigree Skimmer via Urban Outfitters

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