Cats Don’t Walk On Leashes  

Unless, of course, you are Lucy – she enjoys going for little walks on her leash and starts trilling and meowing when we take it out. I know you are supposed to let cats out on their own but there is a very busy street close by and I would hate to lose her in such a violent way. She is allowed out on the deck with us a few times a day but gets a treat of going out on her leash every-so-often.

Mine Does

She walks so nicely next to Andrew and will only venture outside into the unknown with him by her side…

Stalking Birds

Stalks birds despite having no chance of actually getting one…

Climbing Trees

Climbs trees to help sharpen her claws…

Smelling New & Interesting Scents

“Box faces”at new and interesting scents…

Watching Her Back

And watches her back anytime there is the slightest noise.

  1. Ah! Your cat looks exactly like mine! I love siamese they have such a great personality.

  2. I just visited your blog and saw a photo of your cat and they are totally twins! Siamese definitely have the most personality – I love it too.

  3. How sweet is she on her walks! I think it’s really smart that you don’t let her wander too much alone – precious goods!

    xoxo Maria

  4. Awww, i wish my kitty would walk on a leash. <3

    -Dyanna Pure

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