Bold Stripes & Flora Scrolls  

Summer has officially arrived in Utah and this outfit included way too many layers for my estimate of the heat so I wasn’t able to snap too many photos before I was dripping with sweat and headed back to my air conditioned apartment. I ended up ditching the tights later in the day and discovered an irreparable hole in this shirt, meaning it will be retired. Usually I am quite upset to see a well-liked article of clothing go but having photographic evidence of it’s existence makes it less painful – I tend to get attached to my clothing.

Vintage Clip-ons

My sister-in-law gifted me these pretty little vintage clip-on earrings that I believe belonged to her grandmother and are perfect considering I don’t have my ears pierced anymore. They are really more of screw-on than clip on which makes them much more comfortable since you can make small adjustments – why don’t they make things like this anymore?

Spanish Scroll Tights & Shiny Wedges

From stepping out on my deck, to check the weather, it felt a little breezy so I thought sheer tights would be appropriate, turns out that wasn’t the case. But I do enjoy the Spanish scroll patterns contrasted with the block geometric patterns of my dress and wedges.

Cara Couture Square Crystal Ring

This ring turned out to be much larger and sparkly that I imagined it – Andrew thinks it is absolutely ridiculous and makes fun of me for wearing it – but sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

This spot is literally where the sidewalk ends abruptly and overlooks a whole new area for exploring and taking photos.

Outfit Details
Silence + Noise Black Tie Shirt via Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Strapless Colorblock Dress via Urban Outfitters
Vintage Crystal Clip-on Earrings
UO Floral Chiffon Bow via Urban Outfitters
Cara Couture Square Crystal Ring via Gilt
Cynthia Rowley Spanish Scroll Tights via Gilt
Jessica Simpson Nesco Wedges

  1. Amy E

    Yes, those earrings belonged to Grandma Nonie; I’m happy someone in our family can and will wear them :) I didn’t know your ears are no longer pierced!

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