Fields of Flowers & Floral Frocks  

Back to my watercolor dress, only remixed a bit and inspired by wildflowers this time around. When I first got this dress I promised Andrew that he could photograph it but impatience took over and I styled it right away, so here I am in a field of flowers with my husband’s amazing photographic talents.

Matching the Scenery

My dress matches the scenery and you can vaguely see Salt Lake City off in the distance.





Blurred Silhouette

And silhouetted.

Watch Your Step

With wildflowers also come bumblebees and dragonflies with which I am trying to avoid a tragic run in by stepping lightly.


These bracelets have been in my jewelry collection for years and I have never paired them together until now. The glass against the metal makes a nice clinking sound that Andrew and I enjoyed all day long.


Smiling & Sitting

Bow Loafers

Hibiscus Necklace & Macrame Belt

This necklace is a souvenir from our honeymoon where we drove around the entire island of Oahu one day stopping at various places along the way. It is jade which is always cool to the touch so it is ideal for warm summer days.

I See You

Outfit Details
UO Copper Double Headband via Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Birch Speckle Dye Floral Print Chiffon Sahara Dress via Urban Outfitters
Jade Hibiscus Necklace via Hawaiian Street Vendor
Ecote Macrame Belt via Urban Outfitters
Charlotte Russe Copper Bangles
Glass Bracelet via Vietnamese Street Vendor
UO Navy Opaque Tights via Urban Outfitters
Mossimo Brown Bow Penny Loafers

  1. Really beautiful scenery and the colours in your dress are lovely!SarahD:)

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