Living in America  

Since I live in a mountainous desert, fireworks are restricted anywhere near canyons and the type that shoot up in the air are completely banned statewide. This 4th of July always bring to mind an incident a few years ago, when Andrew’s dad picked up some illegal fireworks on a trip to Wyoming which resulted in me and his mom dodging flaming plastic scud missiles and the local law enforcement arriving shortly after.

Rouge, Blanc et Bleu

My take on a red, white and blue outfit in celebration of this weekend’s upcoming holiday here in the states. I try not to be too literal when dressing for a theme and decided that, in my world, seafoam accents count as blue.

Walking Away

Showing off the crochet detailing on the back of this blouse definitely means summer has arrived.

Standing in the Grass

Well Hello There

Trip the Light Fantastic

This field was hopping with swarms of tiny grasshoppers so I took refuge on this rock to avoid getting them caught between my bare toes. A little known fact about Utah is that the seagull became our state bird for saving the first Mormon crop from destruction by these little guys. Yes, the most annoying, ultimate scavenger and nuisance bird is held in high esteem in this crazy place I call home.

Crochet Backed Blouse

Sitting in the Grass

In keeping with the spirit of capitalism on this American holiday, I have decided to start accepting sponsors for this website. I have no intentions on making any significant money from this venture, just thought it would be beneficial to my readers and myself to create the opportunity to connect and collaborate. If you are interested in joining forces and working together, I would love to hear from you.

Once again, many thanks to my wonderful husband for being especially patient in taking these photos for me.

Outfit Details
F21 Rouge Crochet Backed Blouse
Gap Red-Grey-White Plaid Skirt
Christmas Decor Turned Hair Accessory
Charlotte Russ Seafoam Bead Necklace
Xen Layers Ring
Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic Heels via Urban Outfitters

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