Prima Ballerina  

In all actuality I lack the graceful movement required to ever be considered anything close to a prima ballerina but I indubitably feel dressed like one wearing this outfit. Blush pink and sheer black have always held associations of ballet practice in my mind and upon receipt of this dress I knew the two had to be paired together.

Floaty Twirl Skirt

I wore this out to a pseudo-fancy dinner date at Olive Garden with Andrew and afterward to play some Frisbee in the park. I took the heels off and played barefoot on the grass, so as not to break my neck while I lack insurance. It was admittedly, quite fun to dash and dodge while wearing such a fluttery dress even if it wasn’t the most apropos outfit for the occasion.

Studded Skirt & Double Flower Ring

The little studs that line the bottom of the skirt are a major reason in the decision to purchase this dress – I love how they add a bit of hardcore detail to such a dainty frock. I am also really into finding neat double finger rings these days and this double flower is the first in my collection that is sure to grow.

Full Ensemble

Sunshine in My Eyes

Studded Flutter Skirt

Blurred Into the Mountain

Thanks to Andrew once again for taking these photos.

Outfit Details
Lucca Couture Blush Crepe Chiffon Dress via Urban Outfitters
Hawks by Geren Ford Sheer Black Swiss Dot Tie Blouse via Urban Outfitters
Thrifted Ornate Pearl Bracelet
Brass Double Flower Ring via Urban Outfitters
Jessica Simpson Nesco Wedges
Smith Black Plum Shoreline Sunglasses

  1. hi !
    i’ve just found your blog from selective potential !
    i REALLY REALLY REALLY love your photos and outfits !!

    following you !

  2. I found you through Selective Potential ~ you have a really nice blog… Very chic! I am loving that double finger ring you’ve got. I want to see if I can find a few of those as well.

    b. of Depict This!

  3. Hahaa, I actually laughed out loud at the “pseudo fancy dinner date.” My boyfriend and I are both disgraces to our Italian ancestors as our FAVORITE date place in the world is Olive Garden. Anyway I love this outfit and really just your blog in general. I just discovered it after reading the “Guy Behind the Camera” feature on Selective Potential. I’m following you now!!

  4. you have such a beautiful website! as the others have posted, i came across your blog while reading a recent Selective Potential post. i am definitely going to have to add you to my bloglovin’ list and become a daily read for me. again, a loverly blog!

  5. Very beautiful as usual!

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I am super excited to have so many new awesome readers in my midst!

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