This is the Place

This is the Place  

The title of this post was inevitable considering our most recent state holiday and the plain simple fact that I reside in Utah. Upon seeing this view from our car we both knew we had to stop and get some photos of me pointing at the city.

Emerald Leaves

Before our little roadside detour, we stopped at one of our favorite parks and snapped some shots.


This skirt was on sale for $5 and is quickly becoming a summer staple of my wardrobe – it’s polyester which makes it wrinkle free and it has pockets which is the ultimate win on skirt.


My hair is basically a failed attempt at milkmaid braids – sometimes my hair refuses bobby pins and no hairstyle will stay despite my best efforts. So I opted for regular braids and added my old crocheted barrettes for a little embellishment, which actually worked out perfect given the first photo.

Tree Peek

Sandals & Stairs

Skirt Detail

The pattern on this skirt reminds me of stained glass windows and the colors give me a plethora of possibilities for matching blouses in my closet.

Soaring Over SLC

Again, thank to Andrew for his extreme patience and willingness to take my photos.

Outfit Details
Silence + Noise Side Button Top via Urban Outfitters
Ecote Circle Skirt via Urban Outfitters
Elsewhere Charm Necklace via Urban Outfitters
Crocheted Hair Barrettes from high school
Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic Heels via Urban Outfitters

  1. The city in the distance is so nice there.
    P.S. I ripped my Cynthia Rowley tights too–in 3 places actually although 2 are kind of hidden by skirts…

  2. I quite enjoy living close to the mountains and a distance from the city… Salt Lake is kind of wonderful like that.

    Sorry to hear about your Cynthia Rowley tights too – hoping they show up on Gilt again soon – I wasn’t quite ready to let them go yet.

  3. I am loving your incredibly photography and whimsical style! What a great match of creativity :)

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments – you have no idea how much I needed some encouragement in my day today.

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