The Blues Are Still Blue

The Blues Are Still Blue  

Originally the title of this post was intended to be a tribute to my favorite band in the whole world – Belle & Sebastian. But then yesterday happened and suddenly the title completely expresses everything I feel inside at the moment. I won’t get too into the details but a majority of my income was unexpectedly lost – all over minor mistakes beyond the realm of my control that have no real bearing on the world. I am doing everything to resist the urge to curl up in bed and spiral into a deep depression and am instead looking at this as opportunity to move on with life and find something better that will both pay the bills and bring happiness into my life, instead of undue stress.

On a lighter note, some seriously overdue outfit shots complete with an ampersand brooch and a bird bag…

The Blues Are Still Blue, Part 2

Bird Bag

Ampersand Brooch

Blue Shoes

In the Ivy and Trees

Outfit Details
Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan Cadet Cotton Silk Countdown Dress via Urban Outfitters
Veer Cordial Bloom Brooch
Poketo for Target Birds Flight Bag
Ecote Macrame Belt via Urban Outfitters
Cooperative Navy Canvas Wedge via Urban Outfitters

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