The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake  

As alluded to in my post yesterday Andrew and I went on a little adventure out to The Great Salt Lake this past weekend where we played on abandoned trains and entered the Temple of the Birds. You can’t really see the lake in these photos and I didn’t realize it at the time but the lake I took photos at a few months ago is actually a freshwater reservoir of the Salt Lake flood plain. It is a bit more desolate and salty by the actual lake thus the need to abandon trains and buildings for more interesting photo shoots. It’s crazy to think the last time I was out here I was down the road a bit taking my bridal shots – my how time flies.

Train Side

Abandoned Train

Woodsy Daisy Necklace

I won this necklace via a contest with the ModCloth ModSquad and absolutely love it with this dress.

Bee's Knees

In the spirit of winning and 70s vibe I had going on here I had to pair this outfit with my cowboy boots won via LuLu’s last year.

Doorway to the Temple of the Birds

The building doorway I stand in has become a sanctuary for the wild birds that live in the area and the ceiling is lined with nests filled with tiny baby birds and protective parents who did not appreciate us entering their temple.

Upper Half

Outfit Details
Kimchi Blue Birch Speckle Dye Floral Print Chiffon Sahara Dress via Urban Outfitters
Woodsy Daisy Necklace c/o ModCloth
Brass Double Flower Ring via Urban Outfitters
Restricted Silverado Whiskey Suede Wild West Boots c/o LuLu’s
Smith Tortoise Shoreline Sunglasses

  1. this place looks awesome!

    and you look great, cool dress =)

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