Alta is for Skiers

Alta is for Skiers  

This weekend I decided to get out the valley for a bit and head up to the mountains for some fresh air and unfiltered sunshine. I always love hiking around the ski resorts in the summer because the empty chairlifts and cozy lodges look completely out of place in the summer landscape.

Wildflowers Grow Around My Feet


Alta is one of my particular favorites because they still have a few old style double chairlifts which make for better photos than the modern quad seaters. I have many memories of early childhood spent up in these mountains surrounded by stuffed animals in a cabin while my parents took turns skiing.

Sheer Stripe

Rings & Railings

I feel a connection with this vast wilderness and sometimes I can’t imagine ever leaving it behind.

Outfit Details
Silence & Noise Violet Knot Neck Dress via Urban Outfitters
Deena & Ozzy Silver Stretch Belt via Urban Outfitters
Xen Layers Ring
Vintage Black Stoned Ring
UO Grey Opaque Tights via Urban Outfitters
Steve Madden Purple Knot Flats

  1. Love that photo of you on the ski lift! I’ve never been skiing, believe it or not, but it seems delightful (I think I like the resorts more without the snow!) I also really like your ring, and your dress reminds me of a sheer blue top I just bought today at H&M! Great minds think alike :)

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