She & Him

She & Him  

Last night Andrew and I braved the crowds and heat at Salt Lake’s Twilight Concert Series to go see She & Him. An event I had been eagerly awaiting all summer long as Zooey has long been an icon of mine – as well as my celebrity doppelganger (or so I am told).

Matt, Zooey & Random Bassist

I have always loved outdoor live music – just not the hordes of people typically associated with concerts – and this one was well worth the sacrifice. Her voice is divine in real life and the mid-tempo melodies were a relaxing way to end the summer.

The Whole Band

Much appreciation to Andrew for being tall and able to snap these photos for me – all of my attempts were either sorely out of focus or photos of the stage lights.

  1. Amy E

    I *totally* agree that she is your celebrity doppleganger.

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