An Illustrated Life

An Illustrated Life  

A few weeks ago I entered a photo contest that Poketo was having for their Target collection and ended up winning a sweet goodie bag full of wonderful treasures. Including this illustrated tee which suits my former pixie-cut-dyed-black-hair self quite perfectly, especially because I was going through a t-shirt and jeans phase at that time.

Illustrated Shirt Detail

One of the best features of this shirt is the quote on the tag in place of washing instructions – Imagination is the key to every darn thing in life. Don’t let the bastards make you think otherwise.

Layered Necklaces

Most of my t-shirts from my previously mentioned phase are tattered and are only worn around the house these days. I am super excited to have a new artistic one to incorporate into my wardrobe.

Tiers of Ruffles

Rings & Trees

Filigree Cutout Skimmers

An Illustrated Outfit

While walking out to take these photos there were swarms of grasshoppers hopping along the trail with my every move an experience I did not enjoy. I ended up braving it out and am glad I did as I quite like this set of photos.

Outfit Details
Poketo Bicycle Women Tee c/o Poketo
Apt. 9 Green Faux-Leather Skinny Belt
Kimchi Blue Grey Tiered Skirt via Urban Outfitters
UO Bird House Silver Charm Necklace via Urban Outfitters
UO Triple Heart Charm Necklace via Urban Outfitters
UO Brass Double Flower Ring via Urban Outfitters
Fairy Tales Are True Leather Filigree Skimmers via Urban Outfitters

  1. What, that is an awesome clothing label!! I like the shirt, too – and your manicure! I used to get swag from Target too as part of a Teen Vogue It Girls thing, and there was some pretty sweet stuff. I’d love to see the photo you entered into their contest! :)

  2. Thanks girl! I entered the second photo in this set. They are having another contest right now on their Facebook page if you happen to have any of their product.

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