Floral Hearts

Floral Hearts  

On Sunday we escaped the valley and drove up Guardsman’s Pass to do some mountain arting and enjoy nature. Although nature turned out to be a fury of various bees, mating dragonflies and jumping spiders so we didn’t last too long. At least it made for a picturesque scene?

Lakeside Curtsy

This dress is one of my favorite and most comfortable pieces in my wardrobe. I love how the variety of colors allow it to be matched with just about anything and worn during every season.

Vintage Hearts

This minimalist heart bracelet was my mom’s and I sort of adopted for myself as a girl and recently rediscovered it in an old jewelry box.

Korean Tile Necklace

This necklace is also quite special as it was hand painted by a street vendor in Korea and then given to me as a gift by my sister-in-law in her travels down under to New Zealand.

Outfit Close Up

Floral Button Detail

Blue Shoes on Green Grass

Outfit Details
Kimchi Blue Western Floral Dress via Urban Outfitters
UO Double Copper Headband
Tree Tile Necklace via Korean Street Vendor (gift from sister-in-law)
Vintage Hearts Bracelet
Deena & Ozzy Teal Metal Knot Belt via Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Teal T-Strap Skimmers via Urban Outfitters
Smith Tortoise Shoreline Sunglasses

  1. Perhaps I have been silent for too long! I have to say this perhaps one of my most favorite dresses that you have! I just went through your whole site to make sure such was the case, and it really is one of my all time favorites. It reminds me of the summer when we first met : )

    I think there’s a really great shot of it, where you can see the pattern, and especially the little pointalistic spots of browns. Something about those browns , those cute little blue flowers and the color of the dress I quite like.

    I cant believe how much your website has come along its soooo cool ! – I really don’t have an excuse for not posting. SO as my part of my first reply I would like to say ‘ Hello’ to all of the other fans and followers.

    You look beautiful as always Shauna , and again your website has really made some major leaps. I really love how you can see its progression and all the wonderful photography thats filled with great fashion shots,beautiful you, landscapes, flowers, our lovely kitten Lu-cats, etc., that’s filled with so much artistry. Great work!,

    Much Love,

    - Andrew

  2. Oh and I meant to say that I really love those shoes with that dress, it really compliments the flower pattern that I adore so much. Plus I love the way it brings the blue in your eyes out.

    - Andrew

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