Sunset Over SLC

Sunset Over SLC  

This outfit is somewhat inspired by the back to school season which is currently upon us. The sweater reminds me of a letterman or perhaps a uniform sweater one would wear to spend sunny days inside of cool classrooms. The length and color of the skirt also make it reminiscent of my old school uniforms although I doubt they would have ever allowed something this comfortable and not doused in starch.

I am not feeling particularly wordy today so perhaps I will let the photos speak for themselves…

The Valley Beneath Me


Glowing Sunlight

In the Details

I See You

Penny Loafers

Looking Out

Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow

Hello Goodbye

Much gratitude to Andrew for taking my photos.

Outfit Details
UO Clover Letterman Sweater via Urban Outfitters
H&M Khaki A-Line Skirt
H&M Divided Pink Plaid Shirt
UO Brass Double Flower Ring via Urban Outfitters
Mossimo Brown Bow Penny Loafers
Vogue VO 2435 Eyeglasses

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