Life has been quite the adventure lately hence my lack of posts this week. The craziness started with a shopping trip accompanied by my mom where I found this dress and sandals courtesy of my mom on a ridiculously awesome sale. I am a such sucker for a good sale – especially when they happen to be items I have been coveting online for months.

Radiant Trees

This dress may be a little light for typical Fall temperatures but happens to be ideal for the very atypical warm weather here for the past few weeks. Nonetheless it ended up being perfect for heading up to the mountains with Andrew for a little art escapade and to check out the vivid colors before they quickly disappear.

Vivid Overlook

Then came the task of sorting through hundreds of photos taken by both me and Andrew, deciding which ones to post and editing those selections in between managing life – needless to say this post is a bit photo heavy.

Purse, Shoes, Skirt & Tights

Get Outta Town Sandals

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about white sandals considering I am the girl who can barely keep a pair of black shoes looking pristine. But I managed to not even get one scuff in the first wear and after looking at the other color options online they seemed the best choice for adding variety into my wardrobe. Plus, look at me breaking all the rules and wearing white after Labor Day!

Cooling on a Rock

Skirt Hem & Turquoise Tights

Ring & Print Detail

The dot gain print on this dress is quite literally a representation of how I spend my days – navigating my way through pixels.

Front of Dress

Back of Dress

Outfit Details
DKNY Sleeveless Dot Floral Mesh Smocked Dress
UO Turquoise Necklace
Xen Layers Ring
Kimchi Blue Plum Cargo Bag via Urban Outfitters
UO Turquoise Opaque Tights
Seychelles Get Outta Town Sandals
Smith Black Plum Shoreline Sunglasses

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