Hoping you all had a superb holiday however you may celebrate! Despite the hecticness of packing up all of our belongings and moving into my parent’s basement mere days before – our Christmas was quite enjoyable. It was a bit more low key this year, with all of my cousins being out of the country and it was nice to relax and spend time with immediate family. Also to be noted are all of the neat things that everyone spoiled us with this year – posts will definitely be coming to show off the new loot. Can you guess what my main gift from the in-laws was this year based on the focus of the photo? ;o)

Since we moved so close to the holiday this year much of our decor was in storage so our minimal embellishments included these old vintage dolls from my Nana that I found while cleaning out the basement. As well as a giant drawing of some ornaments in a blender about to be turned on that was Andrew’s final in art class this semester.

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