These photos have been sitting on my desktop for no less than a month ready to be posted. I have been running around like a madwoman these past few weeks attempting to get all of my jobs done. Now I am finally getting into the swing of my new routines and should be able to resume somewhat regular posting. Just in time for my one year blogoversary!

Sunshine Smiling

The dress and shoes were an Xmas gift from my in-laws and I have worn them both a plethora of times since the holidays. It is super airy and comfortable but can easily be layered up to survive the mass amounts of snow covering the ground here in SLC.

Sparkle Shoes & Tights

Pairing these sparkle shoes and blue dress with these bronze tights I found at Kohl’s with a gift certificate from my mom is one of my favorite combinations as of late. Particularly on sunny days when the sparkle is in full effect.

Sunshine & Snow Covered Walkways

Blue Bench

Belt Detail

Dress Detail

Little Blue Riding Hood

The snow is starting to melt away in the valley and the temperatures become a bit more bearable each day so I am feeling more inspired to get outside and shoot photos which means more posts will follow soon.

Outfit Details
Night Hooded Zip Up Coat via Tulle
Kimchi Blue Chiffon Ruffle Dress via Urban Outfitters
BDG Black Argyle Stitch Cardigan via Urban Outfitters
Deena & Ozzy Teal Metal Knot Belt via Urban Outfitters
UO Brass Double Flower Ring via Urban Outfitters
Apt. 9 Bronze Tights
Kimchi Blue Black Sparkle Satin Skimmer via Urban Outfitters
Smith Tortoise Shoreline Sunglasses

  1. Amy

    I love the close-up of the ruffles!

  2. Amy

    I love the close-up of the ruffles!

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