Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty  

A few weeks months ago we took a little day trip out to the Great Salt Lake to visit Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty before the massive amounts of snow we received this year comes flooding down rendering the jetty invisible underneath the water. It was quite an adventure and we even made a pit stop at Promontory Point for a bit of historical education along the way.

Spiraling Out to Sea

This piece is one I have heard about it art classes for years and have always wanted to venture out and get a look at seeing as how I live in such proximity. It was worth every minute in the car to get out there because photos can’t capture the ambience of being out in the middle of nowhere and suddenly coming across this amazing piece of art. In fact the water is actually a beautiful red that my camera lens couldn’t seem to pick up on. I highly recommend taking the trip to see it for yourself if you ever happen to find yourself in SL,UT.

Tres Birdas

I actually came across some disheartening news earlier today and decided that it would be an ideal time to finally edit these photos and get them posted. Here’s to hoping this beautiful piece isn’t destroyed for unnecessary capital gain.


In other news, I have been a bit of a blog failure these days. Life has been completely hectic and I am beginning to recover from starting a new job, moving and attending my sister-in-law’s wedding all within about a 2 week period. Things are finally starting to normalize and I am hoping to get more regular posting back up and going again. And with that enjoy the rest of the photos…

Intentionally Blurred & Diagonal

Twisting Through Time



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