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Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show  

If you follow my Twitter you may already be aware that I was one of the 24 style icons chosen to fly to Miami and walk in Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and a once in a lifetime experience that my mind is still reeling from. Between staying in a swanky hotel, being treated like a rockstar and hanging with 23 of the coolest people I have ever met I am not sure I can choose just one highlight.

I have mentioned it before but I am surely not a model so it was quite a bit out of my typical character to be struttin’ down a runway. Nonetheless it was an amazing energy filled time I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to experience. We were all given a budget to select one cotton look from a list of online retailers and asked to create a second cotton look from existing items in our closets.

For my ‘Painting the Town’ look I kept it simple with my Dear Creatures Tennis Dress and Seychelles Bronze Sophia Wedges.

During the day for ‘Show Stopper’ I decided on a Staring At Stars Buffalo Utility Dress paired with a Maeve Feathered Village Skirt and Rachel Antonoff Wendybird Loafers.

It was such a fabulous time I cannot even begin to put it into words so I will let the photos do the talking…

Backstage With Racks & Racks of Clothes


Hair & Makeup Hecticness

Whitney aka Lindsay Lohan aka Zooey D

Billy & Houston


Angela & Frederick

Just Me

Angela Rockin' the Runway

You Can't Fake Fashion



The Big Screen



Team Cotton Dancin' for the Finale



Frederick & iPhone

Red Carpet Un

Red Carpet Deux

Red Carpet Trois

24 Hours!

  1. Thanks for the pics!! You truly captured some good times! I would love to get copies for my own collection. Please stay in touch and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    A. Guy

  2. Frederick Walker

    Love this!!!!

  3. LOVE THESE, Shauna. Amazing job at capturing all the fun and excitement! xx

  4. Darius Martin

    I love the pictures and I really miss you all!!!

  5. Royce Hall

    I wish it would not have ended so soon :-( however, I am eternally grateful this experience with 23 of the best individuals this could’ve been shared with. Love the pics!!!

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