Cat Hat

Cat Hat  

Upon discovering this hat last winter I knew it had to be mine – in all of it’s glorious novelty fashion! I am totally on board with this animal hat trend currently happening and knew I had to seek out the perfect cat version for myself. I love it’s combination of simplicity and silliness and the fact that it is incredibly soft and warm, handmade in Peru and fluffy like a kitten.

Having not taken outfit photos in a minute I am a bit out of practice and my klutzy uncoordinated self managed to slip and fall off a slippery log (hence the me covered in snow pic below) landing on my shoulder making every activity involving my left arm super painful. Fashion over function in action I suppose?

Oh and I may have gotten a hold of a box of red hair dye…



Coy Kitten

Snow Boots

Caturday Indeed

Curiosity Killed the Cat


Outfit Details
MoonShadow Pahi Cat Hat
Tulle Wool Coat
Singing Telegram Dress c/o ModCloth
Xen Layers Ring
Simply Vera by Vera Wang Purple Tights
BDG Grey Tall Suede Boots

  1. Mary Ann Best

    Shauna… the post…can I share with the Chaos crew? You seem very warm & cuddly.
    Hope your shoulder is better…..sometimes these things take time to heal….I just hyper-extended my right hand fingers in a fall on ice this weekend….bummer!
    Just back from sales mtg for 2012-13 line….good news, this hat goes forward so will be available in the stores next Winter too.

  2. we the viewers demand more posts! , Excellent cute hat here!!!

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