Shauna Ehninger

Hello my name is Shauna Ehninger welcome to my website. I am married to a multi-talented artist named Andrew whom I adore. We live amongst the cottonwoods of Salt Lake City, Utah with our Siam-Tabs cat Lucy.

Design has always been a natural part of who I am and how I view the world. It bleeds over into every aspect of my life whether it is fashion or simply choosing the most visually appealing packaging at the grocery store. So I decided to start this website as a creative outlet free from the tyranny of client feedback and overdone art direction. It is meant to chronicle my experiences through photographs and is my way of collecting the moments.

I grew up in the suburbs of Salt Lake and ironically attended a private Christian school for much of my adolescence. I believed Jesus was going to save the world until sometime around 22 when I decided Marx was right when he said religion was opium for the masses. I now consider myself to be an evangelical escapee.

College ended up taking me over a decade to complete as I started at the University of Utah and ended up taking an indefinite break to focus on my career. But I was finally able to earn my BA in Interactive Design & Game Development from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015.

Currently, I work as a Front-end Coder at Adobe and occasionally freelance a bit on the side. My desire is to make the world a more beautiful place through my designs and still be able to pay the bills with that idealism.

Mental illness is part of everyday for me as I suffer from anxiety and depression. I share my experiences so people will understand it is illness rather than a weakness with a social stigma. And while I’ve had my share breakdowns along the way I see a therapist regularly and will need medication indefinitely – all of which have greatly improved my quality of life.

I am a lover of cats, film connoisseur, fashion addict and almost artist.

Receiving email is one of my favorite things of all time so feel free to email me with any questions, feedback or musings of your own at shauna [at] meowsk [dot] com.