Meowsk is a design a photography blog featuring me, a girl living in Salt Lake City with my husband Andrew, whom I adore and our Siam-Tabs cat, Lucy. It chronicles my visual experiences through a photographic timeline and features musings on design, fashion and nature among other topics.

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While in the scheme of things my site has relatively low traffic, I am always looking for kaizen opportunities to grow and am open to collaborating with businesses both small and large that align with mine and my reader’s interests. Email me at shauna [at] meowsk [dot] com for current site statistics.

There are three ad sizes available (as shown to the right) and large size ads will be placed higher up on the page than small size ads. All ads can be put up immediately and run for a 7-day or 30-day period. Ads are located on post pages, in the right sidebar, ads will rotate weekly for maximum visibility, static ads only (unless pre-approved).

For specific rates email me at shauna [at] meowsk [dot] com

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To compliment your banner ad you may want to choose any of these additional promotions to get maximum exposure with your advertisement:

  • Dedicated Posts: You may choose to send me a product which I will incorporate into a post, given that it is relevant to my lifestyle and personal aesthetic. I am always open to new ideas for unique promotions to maximize your sponsorship.
  • Featured Giveaway: Share your product with my readers, provide an item for a sponsored giveaway and I will do a featured post with a photograph of the item and randomly select a winner to receive the prize. These featured giveaways generate significant traffic to the site and are a beneficial supplement to the standard ads.
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  • Local Events: If you’re planning or sponsoring a local event in Salt Lake (fashion shows, blogger meet-ups, store openings, sales, etc.) and you would like me make an appearance or write about the event, please contact me.

Graphic Design
As an interactive designer I can offer you professional quality ad design should you need my services, feel free to contact me for details.

For more details, email me shauna [at] meowsk [dot] com